Download MagiskSu Manager

Almost every android user knows what rooting is and for those who does not know it is a process which allows you to gain administrative level privileges over android devices by surpassing the limitations and restrictions of your device.

MagiskSu is an Android rooting application available in today's market that can be considered as the best for rooting android devices.Most of the mobile users might find rooting as a difficult task since it require somewhat technical knowledge.But with this application anyone can try rooting their devices by themselves without any expert knowledge.

What highlights Magisk from other rooting applications is its ability to root android devices systemlessly. Which means it does not alter the device's system partition in any way. Also magisk can hide root from an app completely allowing the user to use apps like Pokemon GO or Banking apps that does not work usually on rooted devices.

Magisk is very much a user-friendly application.One can easily understand what happens and the features of the application without any documentation.

This application has developed by “topjhonwu” who is an app developer and contributor of XDA Developers.

Magisku Features

  • Includes two themes as Dark and Light.
  • Allows push notifications about the updates to your device.
  • Application repository is automatically refreshed by the repo cache feature when required.
  • Includes SuperSu, Hide feature.
  • Ad blocks can be prevented using the systemless hosts feature easily.
  • Open source.Which means anyone can inspect, modify, and enhance the source code and its completely free.
  • Allow managing Rooting, Upgrades, Installations.
  • Can upgrade in-app mode.
  • Allows to modify props in your handset.


  1. This application only modifies the image that booted and it will install files to your data and the cache.
  2. If magisk is already installed on your device , it is recommended to upgrade it the to latest version before rooting the device.
  3. If there are any bugs after using Magisk Root, install the latest beta from our download section.
  4. Make sure to backup all of the valuable files on device before the rooting process begins.
  5. Note that rooting of Android device might void company warranty.

Magisk Root Compatible Devices

Samsung, Sony Xperia, Motorola, Huawei, LG, and HTC and almost all of the android supporting devices.

Before starting the rooting process make sure following arrangements are done:

  1. Flash TWRP Recovery.
  2. Download and install USB Drivers on your PC.
  3. Have a complete backup of all the necessary personal data.
  4. Need unlocked Bootloader.
  5. Make sure the battery life is over 60% in order to to prevent an unexpected shutdown.
  6. Read the guide carefully.

Download Magisk Manager Latest Version 7.3.2 For Android 2019 from here

Download Magisk Latest Version 19.3 from here[Non-Rooted Phones]

For the installation process visit home page here.


Hide the root access to an app which does not want it.

There are more chances to pass SafetyNet and many hidden security measures.

Run Netflix, Android Pay, Pokemon Go and Banking Applications.

Tons of systemless module are available now.


Only work on android version 4.2 or above.

Only supports Gzip compressed boot.img

Does not support boot.img compressed with lz4.

Upgrading the application

The upgrading process has been made simple. The update process to the latest version can be done through the app. There is no need to re-flash the full package.