Download Magisk Root

Download Magisk Manager and Magisk Root Latest version v7.3.2 and v19.3 for unrooting and rooting android devices as well as many other features such as the powerful systemless interface to avoid integrity tests done by the Google's SafetyNet API, Magisk Module support and hide root status with Magisk Hide feature.

This download magisk repository equips the user with all the download resources required to download, install and use this tool. Below are download sources and other drivers and tools that augment the process.

Specifications of the tool

Software Name : Magisk Manager V7.3.2

Last Updated : June 30, 2019

Android Version Required : Android 5.0+

App Size : 2.71 MB

Developer : Magisk Manager V7.3.2

Main Feature : MagiskHide hides root status from Internet integrity tests (Google's SafetyNet Check) & Magisk Root roots device & provides root management services.

Software tool : Magisk Root V19.3

Last Updated : June 5, 2019

Android version required : Android 5.0+

File type : .zip

App size : 5.1 MB

Developer : topjohnwu

Main feature : System-less root where the app tricks the Google SafetyNet integrity check by concealing the rooted device's root status.

This tool supports devices with android versions 5.0 and onwards. But this tool doesn't support iOS except provide Magisk Module support for small tweaks. Latest versions of the tool support Linux and Unix Operating Systems.

Changes log - Latest version patches


Reboot device using proper API which results in no more abrupt reboot New floating button in Magisk logs for scrolling to bottom


MagiskHide: Improved process monitor implementation. Reduced room for 100% CPU and daemon crashes.

MagiskInit: Waits for partitions to be ready for an early mount, should fix boot loop issues on a variety of devices and now supports EROFS used in EMUI 9.1.

MagiskSU: Properly implement mount namespace isolation

MagiskBoot: Proper checksum calculation for header v2

Download sources for the tool

Latest Magisk Manager v7.3.1 repository(includes uninstaller and source, etc)

Latest Magisk Root v19.3 repository (uninstaller and source, etc)

For the official tool download repository by topjohnwu, click here. You can find all the latest resources on all the released versions, etc.

How to download Magisk Root, install and use step - by - step

Step 1 : Download the ZIP file and unzip the firmware then copy the AP .tar file. (AP_[device_model_sw_ver].tar.md5)

Step 2 : Install the latest version by using the sources provided above.

Step 3 : Install → Install → Select Patch a File and select the AP tar file. The app will patch the whole file and store the output to [Internal Storage]/Download/magisk_patched.tar. Copy the tar file to your PC, boot device to download mode.

Step 4 : Boot into the stock recovery mode to factory reset the device.

Press Power + Volume Down to exit download mode. As soon as the screen turns off, immediately press Power + Bixby + Volume Up to boot to recovery partition. To boot into stock recovery mode, continue pressing the volume up button until the stock recovery window opens.

Step 5 : In the stock recovery menu, use volume buttons to navigate through menus, and the power button to select options. Select Wipe data/factory reset option to wipe the data of the device.

Step 6 : Boot to the system. Select Reboot system, and immediately press Power + Bixby + Volume Up. After seeing the bootloader warning screen, release all buttons.

Step 7 : After the device is booted up, go through the initial setup.


It is advised to not download from other external sources as they carry extreme liabilities that may harm your devices. It is recommended that the user downloads straight from topjohnwu's download repository.